Restoration Ecology: Invasive species experiment

Ethnobotany: Field journaling in sagebrush flats

Ecology: Tree seedling surveys

I teach courses that focus on hands-on and applied learning experiences. Students jump directly into the scientific process, test their own hypotheses and learn critical skills like data coding, visualization and analysis, while also gaining a greater appreciation for their local natural environment through natural history observation.

I work to bring a wide range of voices and perspectives from groups underrepresented in the sciences into the traditional ecology cannon.


Introductory Ecology

Advanced Ecology Practicum

Ecological Soundscapes

Integrated Sciences Tutorial

Environmental Research and Writing

Restoration Ecology


Climate Change Science and Management

I was a co-founder of the New Roots Institute for the Study of Food Systems, a collective of scholars with interests in food systems education across the social and natural sciences. We have developed innovative, immersive, interdisciplinary undergraduate curricula on food systems and have written on the pedagogies of emerging food systems studies programs across the country (Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems).


2018-current Faculty, Hampshire College

2014 -17 Faculty, University of Idaho

2013 Adjunct Faculty, San Jose State University

2012 Adjunct Faculty, Berkeley City College

Photo Credit: Lech Naumovich

Forestiera pubescens (desert olive) - why this positioning of male and female flowers!? Reducing the likelihood of self fertilization... An umbrella for pollen in a rainy California spring...?